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Omi Acosta Wrestling Camps

Why Omi Acosta Wrestling Camps?

Beyond Omi's impressive competetive and coaching resume, Coach Acosta teaches kids what it means to care, commit, and compete in all aspects of your life, not just on the wrestling mat.

The Lucha mentality means to care, commit, and compete to maximize one's potential to succeed in all aspects of your life, not just on the wrestling mat. It's a lifestyle!

Camps Overview

  • Learn high-level technique from a National Championship winning coaching staff.
  • Live wrestling! Opportunity for your Student Athletes to wrestle with the coaching staff.
  • We teach all types of wrestlers from the beginning level to State Champions.

We started hosting Omi Acosta clinics a few years ago in an effort to bring high level technique into our program, but also to provide a positive influence on life, and making good life decisions. Our program attempts to work on development of critical character traits on a daily basis, and Coach Acosta's clinic is a perfect fit! He presents his technique in a very clear and concise manner as a series of progressions from a very basic skill to the next step in a logical sequence of moves, which immediately lends itself to implementation on the mat. His sense of humor permeates the entire day, creating a relaxed and effective learning environment.

Even more important than skills development, Omi takes the opportunity to periodically offer teachings and advice on life in general, often citing moments in his life when he was faced with making critical decisions and relating those instances to our athletes.

Coach Acosta's clinics have been invaluable assets to our wrestlers, helping them grow and mature on and off the mat, as athletes and as good human beings. He's welcome on our campus any time.

Bill Hawkins
Head Coach, Mayfield HS, New Mexico

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Omi Acosta Camps

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